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The U.S. government doesn't take fraud lightly

With the creation of the Affordable Care Act, both the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice have gained new resources and tools to fight Medicare fraud, as well as a $350 million increase in their budget. With these resources, they have been able to expand their Strike Force to nine locations nationally, as opposed to the previous two.

How do mandatory minimum sentences impact federal drug offenders?

When an individual is accused of a crime, state laws usually controls the charges and potential penalties. However, federal laws can also come into play, and they can involve stiffer penalties. This can be the case for drug crimes, where federal laws often carry mandatory minimum penalties.

We help defendants initiate defenses against federal charges

Many concerns and questions go through an individual's mind when a person is arrested. It might not be entirely clear to them what the person is being accused of. Moreover, the allegations could be severe, making the potential consequences rather harsh. Federal charges often carry harsh penalties, therefore, it is important for those accused of such crimes to take the time to understand their situation and what criminal defense options are available.

Understanding racketeering charges

Because businesses in Tennessee and other states in the United States can greatly impact interstate and even foreign commerce, if it is believed that a business is engaging in certain illegal activities, this could lead to charges of a federal crime. Racketeering is when illegal businesses are run by organized groups or legitimate businesses are used to embezzle funds for an organized crime ring. Racketeering could lead to serious penalties for those convicted of being involved in the process.

What is a hate crime?

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a hate crime is defined as a criminal offense such as murder or arson that is committed with an added underlying motivation that is fueled by bias.

Former police sergeant facing federal crime charges

Tennessee residents may be interested to know that according to the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, federal program fraud and wire fraud charges have been brought against a former Mt. Juliet police sergeant. The 40-year-old former police sergeant served on the Mt. Juliet police force as a supervisor of the Crime Suppression Unit. Specifically, he was tasked with preparing and maintaining time cards as well as overseeing, managing and maintaining the overtime logs of police officers that were supporting and assisting investigations conducted by the federal Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force.

Is there a statute of limitations for Federal Crimes?

Before we delve into whether federal crimes are subject to a statute of limitations lets define what the phrase statute of limitations means. Simply put, a statute of limitations defines a legally proscribed period of time that, if not fully elapsed, will allow for a legal proceeding to be initiated.

How does the federal crime process work?

Not all crimes are considered a federal offense. In order for the federal authorities to get involved, a crime must violate established federal law or be committed against the federal government or federal government-related officials. A bank heist can be considered a federal offense if the bank that was robbed was a federally insured bank.

Online child pornography charges can be life-altering for accused

A defendant accused of child pornography in Tennessee can face significant obstacles both in and out of the courtroom. Serious charges can lead to a lifetime of problems for defendants and their families, who may feel that they are facing an uphill battle from the start. Even without a guilty verdict, a defendant may be fired from a job, as recently happened to one Tennessee man.

Former Mitt Romney intern charged with federal crimes

The Internet has become a very useful tool for people in Tennessee and elsewhere. Not only does it help people accomplish their work goals, but it also lets people connect to others across the globe. However, with the good comes some bad. The Internet has also opened up a number of new criminal offenses that can penalize those who are accused of using the Internet in a wrongful way. Unfortunately for one man, a former Mitt Romney intern, such an accusation was made against him recently. He is now facing federal charges.

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