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Early termination of probation

When a person is convicted of a crime, serves their time in jail and is out on probation they are usually careful to not commit a parole violation. Many people want to end their probation time early so that they can resume their day to day life. There are a few things that need to happen in order to have an early termination of probation.

Sweep in Tennessee results in probation and parole violations

As a previous post discussed, following a criminal charge, the accused could face parole or probation. While in some cases this occurs when an individual is released from jail or prison following a sentence, others could receive this penalty in place of incarceration or other consequences. When an individual is on probation or put on parole after incarceration, he or she is required to follow the terms and conditions of these. Failure to do this could result in additional or more severe penalties.

Understanding probation violation and what happens to violators

Following a criminal conviction, individuals in Tennessee could be placed on probation. Whether probation resulted as part of the accused's penalties or was a condition of his or her release from jail or prison, the terms of their probation must be followed throughout its duration. If these terms are not followed, this is considered a probation violation and will likely be treated like a criminal offense.

What are some typical terms of probation in Tennessee?

There are many Memphis residents who have been on probation or are currently on probation. Probation can be required after jail or prison time has been served. It can also be ordered instead of incarceration. The conditions of probation will vary depending on the crime. In Tennessee a probation violation can result in serious consequences.

What are the differences between parole and probation?

Many people may have heard the terms parole and probation and wondered what each refers to and what the differences between the two are. Parole and probation have some similarities and some differences. Probation is generally used instead of incarceration and includes supervision in the community and through a probation agency for a party convicted of a crime. Probation, however, can also be sentenced following a short period of incarceration.

Is there a way to modify terms of probation in TN?

A court, on its own, or at the behest of a probation and parole officer, the defendant, or even the district attorney can seek to modify conditions of probation. However, the process is complex, and courts do not take it lightly.

Are you facing allegations of violating probation?

Violating a probation order is a serious offense in the state of Tennessee. It is as serious as they come and being accused of violating your probation gives one little wiggle room for any mistakes. It is very important to consider having an attorney with the knowledge and the experience to best represent one's interests and keep one out of jail.

What can happen after a parole violation?

Memphis residents who have been convicted of a crime and spent time in prison may be released from prison on parole. Being released on parole means that the person needs to follow certain guidelines or they can face serious penalties. If a person is found guilty of a parole violation there are some things that can happen next.

How is a probation violation different from other crimes?

Many Memphis residents have made a serious mistake sometime in their lives. These mistakes may have cost them their jobs, cost them their family and forced them to spend time in prison. Many people are released from jail or prison on probation, meaning that there are certain circumstances surrounding their release that cannot be violated. A probation violation can lead to serious consequences, including an additional prison sentence.

Are probation and parole the same thing?

Probation and parole are sometimes used interchangeably though they are distinctly different. When a court places someone on probation it means that, instead of the individual being incarcerated, they will instead be supervised in the community, typically by a probation officer.

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