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How does Tennessee define intellectual disability?

Not guilty be reason of insanity may seem to be such an overused defense to murder charges that most in Memphis may simply dismiss it the moment it is cited. Yet what if it truly exists in your case? Some might think that determining whether or not you have the intellectual capacity to comprehend the seriousness of any allegedly murderous actions comes down to the subjective opinions of those hearing your case. Yet the state has set guidelines for identifying whether an intellectual disability should be viewed as a mitigating factor to the murder charges that you may be facing.

Is encouraging suicide a crime?

A recent criminal case involving a young man's suicide and his girlfriend's urgings via text has raised an interesting legal question. Can another person be held accountable for encouraging someone's suicide? While at the outset it might seem like that's not possible, Justia offers the following information about this compelling case and why the guilty verdict was indeed justified. 

When is deadly force not justified?

While you certainly never anticipate being put in the position of having to use deadly force against another in Memphis, it can indeed happen. The difference between you facing a potential murder charge and your actions qualifying as self-defense depend on the situation you are in. In general, the use of force is justified when you and/or others feel reasonably at risk of being killed or seriously injured by another if you feel to act. A few of the exceptions of this rule have been detailed in the past; this blog post will go in greater depth in defining others. 

Reviewing Tennessee's "Stand Your Ground" law

It seems that the claim of self-defense is thrown out so often when people are facing murder charges that it has lost its credibility as a viable defense. Yet if and when you are placed in a position of needing to use force (even lethal force) to defend yourself and/or others, you might question what other alternatives others might say that you have. Many in Memphis have come to us here at The Law Office of Massey McClusky McClusky & Fuchs wondering if the law does indeed designate when lethal force may be justified. If your intent in using such force is facing scrutiny, then you may be happy to know that it does. 

When you are falsely accused of murder

Our law office deals with a number of legal issues, but murder is an especially challenging facet of defense. Setting aside the extremely harsh stigma that comes with these allegations (and can shatter someone's life even if they are innocent), people facing murder charges may be unsure of what to do next and how the allegations will impact their future. Unfortunately, many people have been accused of murder even though they were innocent. This is no time to procrastinate or avoid looking into your options, however, as your entire future may be at stake.

When crashes lead to vehicular homicide charges

Being involved in a major traffic crash is a very traumatic experience. It can leave a person facing a lot of emotional challenges. This can particularly be the case if the accident resulted in a death. Having been in an auto crash that resulted in any deaths can also leave a person facing a very difficult legal situation if he or she is accused of having triggered the accident through dangerous conduct. Here in Tennessee, such allegations could lead to a person being charged with vehicular homicide.

Tennessee's involuntary manslaughter laws

Of all the crimes that can be committed in Tennessee, murder is perhaps the most serious. Murder is not tolerated in the Memphis area and those who are found guilty of the crime almost always face an aggressive prosecution. However, even those violent crimes that fall short of murder can cause an individual to face potentially serious consequences. One such charge is involuntary manslaughter.

Authorities aggressively seek 19-year-old's killer

Memphis residents are used to hearing frequent crime reports about their area. It's no secret that the Memphis area has quite a bit of crime. The ultimate violent crime is murder. A person who is facing murder charges may feel like everyone is against them. The public and prosecutors have little tolerance for those who commit murder, and those who are convicted can face a long prison sentence.

Memphis man allegedly dismembers roommate

Violent crimes in Memphis, like in many large cities, occur frequently. They are often energetically covered by local media. Unfortunately for those who are accused of violent crimes such as murder, the criminal matters can be frightening.

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