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Woman faces assault charges after Memphis shooting

Memphis residents are subjected to media reports of violence every day on the TV. The media constantly runs reports of violence, assaults, shooting and other crimes in Memphis. Those who are accused of these violent crimes can face a public backlash, ruined reputation, and a long prison sentence. Still, like most things in life there are two sides to every story.

Tennessee man arrested for alleged assault

Memphis has its fair share of violent crimes such as assault. Memphis residents do not condone such actions, and these crimes are heavily prosecuted. The media also spends a lot of time covering assaults, and anyone who is mentioned as a suspect can immediately suffer a ruined reputation. In addition, an assault conviction can lead to a prison sentence and fines, as one Tennessee man may now be facing.

Woman shot while driving in Memphis

Memphis residents do not tolerate those who assault others. Although Memphis crime is high, residents demand that those who are facing assault charges be severely punished. Memphis residents and law enforcement aggressively prosecute those who have been charged with an assault. An accusation of assault can ruin a person's personal and professional reputation.

Orange Mound woman allegedly beats son and chases granddaughter

Residents of Memphis have little tolerance for violent crimes such as assault. Although crime is common in Memphis, those charged with violent crimes can be aggressively prosecuted by the police. Those who are accused and convicted of an assault can face a lengthy prison sentence.

Tennessee mother arrested after meth found in infant's system

Being accused of a crime can affect more than just a criminal charge. No matter how serious the crime may be, the suspect and his or her family could endure social, employment and personal losses. Furthermore, being arrested for a violent crime could lead to harsh penalties if convicted. This is why it is important to devise a defense strategy against the charges.

Man robbed and shot while in his backyard

Memphis residents hope to raise their families in relatively safe neighborhoods . Unfortunately, as in all cities, residents cannot prevent all unsafe activity and crimes such as robbery does occur. Memphis police try to make sure those responsible for the crimes are caught and prosecuted. This aggressive prosecution can be intimidating for those accused of a crime.

Grizzlies' player charged with domestic assault

Charges of violent crimes in Memphis can bring severe penalties. The mere accusation of a crime such as assault can lead the accused's community to jump to false conclusions, but the court system does allow any accused the opportunity to present their defense and to have the case against them judged on its merits.

Two separate shootings in Memphis injure multiple people

Mother's Day is a holiday where most Americans celebrate their mother and all that she has done for them. Unfortunately this past Sunday, Mother's Day turned violent in Memphis with at least ten people shot. Those who are charged with serious crimes such as assault need to have a strong criminal defense to defend themselves in court.

Shelby County woman allegedly pulled over and assaulted by man

Assaults in Memphis, while rare, do happen. Those who are accused of such crimes can face a myriad of charges. A defendant should know his or her legal rights and be prepared to tell his or her side of the story.

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