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Woman kidnapped at East Memphis Walmart

Some Memphis residents might be used to frequent crime reports. Every day, it may seem there are more and more reports of shootings, robberies and other violent crime. For those accused of such crimes could face a criminal record that will follow him or her for the rest of their lives.

Understanding domestic assault and its consequences in TN

It is illegal in the state of Tennessee to physically abuse any current or former family members. The same also applies to any current or former romantic partners. To do so would be to commit domestic assault. Domestic assault is the criminal term that is used in Tennessee to refer to domestic violence.

What are the possible topics of plea negotiation?

Memphis residents who have been accused of a crime may find the criminal justice system confusing and scary. When a person is convicted of a crime, often the convictions do not come from a trial but from plea negotiations with the prosecution. A defendant who wishes to negotiate a plea bargain has three things they can discuss with the prosecution.

How does the jury system in Tennessee work?

The right to a jury trial and a speedy trial are guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. In Tennessee, an individual has the right to a trial by jury if he or she is charged with a crime. Generally, a jury is made up of 12 citizens. The selection pool for the 12 members of the jury is usually a public record repository, such as the voter registration database.

Can a Tennessee criminal record affect citizenship?

Though Federal Immigration Law is different from Tennessee criminal courts, having a criminal record may have a negative impact on a non-U.S. citizen's immigration status. The intersection of criminal law and immigration law is an emerging issue. Currently, if an immigrant has been convicted for crime or plead guilty, under Federal immigration law they may potentially face deportation, denial of citizenship and excluded from entering the U.S. altogether.

What are some criminal defense strategies for Memphis residents?

Memphis residents who have been accused of a crime know how serious the situation can be. Convictions for criminal charges can bring severe penalties including fines and prison time. A good criminal defense strategy is thus important in making sure a defendant's voice is heard.

Should cell phone records be used as evidence?

There have been several crimes in Memphis that have had cell phone records used to prosecute defendants. In this litigation, cell phone records are frequently used as evidence in order to prove the location of a defendant. But how accurate are these records and should they be allowed as evidence?

Memphis identified as third most dangerous city in U.S.

Memphis residents are probably familiar with the crimes that plague the city. Those who face allegations of serious crimes know that these crimes can be aggressively prosecuted. A criminal conviction can bring years in prison, along with fines, a criminal record and a ruined personal and professional reputation.

Eyewitness testimony can have many problems

Eyewitness testimony is frequently used in courtrooms in Memphis and all over the U.S. in criminal defense trials. This testimony has been seen as reliable in identifying perpetrators and recounting alleged criminal offenses. But, recently, evidence has come out showing that humans may not have as good of a memory as previously though, and their powers of observation may be limited.

An overview of expungement

Memphis residents who have a criminal record know how hard life can be with that kind of baggage. It can be next to impossible to find a good job, and a personal and professional reputation can be ruined with other long-term consequences and penalties. An expungement can help a person with a criminal record.

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