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Eyewitness testimony can have many problems

Eyewitness testimony is frequently used in courtrooms in Memphis and all over the U.S. in criminal defense trials. This testimony has been seen as reliable in identifying perpetrators and recounting alleged criminal offenses. But, recently, evidence has come out showing that humans may not have as good of a memory as previously though, and their powers of observation may be limited.

If you've been arrested for identity theft

If you've been arrested for a crime such as identity theft you may feel like everyone is against you. With the rising instances of identity theft around Memphis, these crimes can carry long-term consequences. It can help to have a strong criminal defense to advocate on your behalf and make sure you are able to tell your side of the story.

Two separate shootings in Memphis injure multiple people

Mother's Day is a holiday where most Americans celebrate their mother and all that she has done for them. Unfortunately this past Sunday, Mother's Day turned violent in Memphis with at least ten people shot. Those who are charged with serious crimes such as assault need to have a strong criminal defense to defend themselves in court.

Memphis boy has gun in school; two adults facing criminal charges

If there is anything that gets the public more worked up, it is guns in schools. When a person is caught bringing a gun into school they are immediately believed to be guilty, regardless of whatever reason they have for carrying it. The Memphis public has zero tolerance with violence against kids in school, and a person who has been accused of a school gun crime has an uphill legal battle in their criminal defense.

Alleged Memphis robbery led to police chase

When someone is accused of doing something wrong, it is not uncommon for that person to try to get away, regardless of whether or not the person is guilty. The threat of being arrested can trigger a person's "fight-or-flight" survival instinct, which can make the person believe that running away is good idea. Unfortunately for two men in Memphis accused of robbery, their "flight" only led to more trouble.

Memphis defendant may still be entitled to legal insanity defense

When someone allegedly commits a crime, sometimes that person's state of mind at the time will determine whether or not the person will be punished for the crime and the severity of the punishment. A person's state of mind is often a crucial aspect of a criminal defense in murder trials. This appears to be true in an ongoing trial in Tennessee where the defendant, an East Memphis man, was charged with killing his mother last year.

School teacher faces allegations of child sexual abuse

As readers in Memphis, Tennessee, well know, the sexual abuse of a child can have serious effects on a child's life. However, the same holds true when a person is wrongfully convicted of child sexual abuse. This is especially true for those who work with children everyday, such as school teachers. When allegations involve inappropriate sexual contact by a teacher, the school district has an interest in acting quickly to remove the teacher in order to prevent any further abuse if it is in fact happening. As a result, it is extremely important for adults who are in these situations to know their rights, as it can seem as if the cards are stacked against them from the very beginning.

Traffic stop results in seizure of 120 pounds of marijuana

Some readers in Memphis, Tennessee may be somewhat familiar with criminal law by watching movies and television shows related to the subject. However, when individuals must confront the criminal justice system for the first time, the experience may be very intimidating, particularly if they do not know and understand their rights.

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