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Aggressively Protecting Your Rights After A DUI/DWI Arrest

Were you stopped by police and arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated or driving while under the influence in Tennessee, Mississippi or Arkansas?

Are your driving privileges at risk — and, therefore, your ability to get to your job and continue providing for your family?

Is your commercial driver’s license (CDL) in question, and your livelihood as a professional driver, because of a DUI/DWI arrest?

The lawyers who can aggressively defend you against drunk driving charges can be found at The Law Office of Massey McClusky Fuchs & Ballenger.

Our trusted law firm’s co-founder, William D. Massey, always fight the good fight for our clients. Whether you have been charged with driving drunk, driving with a suspended or revoked license, or refusing a breath test at the arrest scene, we will fight for you.

Our skilled attorneys are fully aware of the many things that can go wrong with a DUI arrest. Police can overstep their bounds. Breath testing equipment can malfunction. Your erratic driving may have resulted from a flare-up of a pre-existing medical condition. We will carefully examine every detail of your case, no matter how minute. We will explore every avenue toward reduction or outright dismissal of the DWI charges against you.

Learn More About Our DUI Defense

  • DUI penalties: The penalties for drunk driving in Tennessee are harsh and lasting, even for a first-time offender.
  • Multiple DUI offenses: The consequences of a DUI conviction quickly escalate if you have past convictions.
  • Field sobriety tests: Our attorneys have the experience and training to challenge field sobriety test results.
  • Breathalyzer test: Just because you failed a Breathalyzer test does not mean that you should give up. There is always a defense.
  • DUI blood draw: In Tennessee, the police may obtain a mandatory DUI blood draw only in limited circumstances.
  • Restricted driver’s license and ignition interlock: In our highly mobile society, you do not want to lose your driving privileges. Our lawyers will do everything they can to get you back on the road.
  • DUI and professionals: For professionals, a DUI conviction can be damaging to their careers and their reputations.
  • DUI-related offenses: There are many ways to avoid a DUI conviction in Tennessee. One way is to negotiate a favorable plea bargain.
  • DUI vehicular assault and homicide: When a DUI accident results in serious personal injury or the death of another, it is important to put your case in the hands of an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible.

You have one chance to hire the right attorney who will protect your rights. Our results in drunk driving and criminal defense cases uniquely qualify The Law Office of Massey McClusky Fuchs & Ballenger to safeguard your interests in hearings before a judge and negotiations with local and county prosecutors.

Contact us for the free consultation that could turn your life around. Call 901-910-1638.

Defense Lawyers With Decades Of Experience, Reputation For Results

From the moment you are arrested and charged with drunk driving in the Mid-South, our attorneys are ready to serve you in these important ways:

  • Examination of police arrest procedures
  • Inquiry into possible misreading of “reasonable suspicion” or “probable cause” to arrest you, due to inclement weather, hazardous roads or a medical condition such as an allergy
  • Defects or malfunctions in roadside breath testing equipment
  • Inaccurate readings of blood alcohol content

The wide range of punishments for a DUI conviction are harsh and lasting for motorists, boaters and airline pilots, from stiff fines and community service for first-time offenders to jail time and an ignition interlock device for those with more than one drunk driving conviction. In our highly mobile society, you do not want to lose your driving privileges for any reason — but especially not because your lawyer did not have the skills or experience to make your voice heard in court.

Our skilled defense attorneys can meet with you at a jailhouse, courthouse or police station after your arrest. You get quality, experienced DUI defense representation and attentive personal service, start to finish, from The Law Office of Massey McClusky Fuchs & Ballenger.

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