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Check Fraud And Forgery Carry Serious Penalties

Are you about to stand trial for check forgery or prescription forgery? Our skilled defense lawyers at The Law Office of Massey McClusky Fuchs & Ballenger can help.

Attorney William D. Massey is well-known throughout the region for providing quality, experienced representation when defending white collar criminal charges. We are the law firm to come to when you have one chance to hire the right attorney to defend you. We are the law firm that works hard to help you avoid harsh punishments such as jail time, heavy fines and a criminal record.

Our attorneys have more than 60 years of combined experience fighting the good fight for our clients.

Act now to protect your rights. We need to hear your perspective on your forgery arrest in Tennessee, Arkansas or Mississippi. Wherever you are in the Mid-South, you can contact us right now at this phone number: 901-910-1638.

Comprehensive Defense Against Forgery Charges

Varieties of forgery that our lawyers defend against include:

  • Forging a doctor’s name for prescription medicine
  • Writing a check with insufficient funds
  • Stopping a check after receiving funds, goods or services
  • Falsifying the signature of another person on a check, contract or credit slip

You have one chance — only one — to hear the words “not guilty.” Use that opportunity wisely by reaching out to our experienced law firm for the aggressive advocacy you need and the attentive personal service you deserve.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Contact our Memphis office immediately if you have been arrested. Call locally at 901-910-1638. We can conduct your free consultation at a police station or jail if necessary and accept inquiries through email.