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Pursuing Post-Conviction Relief To Safeguard Your Future

If you were convicted of a crime and your appeal was denied, it is important to know that you may still have legal options. Post-conviction relief can allow individuals to work toward a just outcome, even when they are unsuccessful at the trial and appellate levels.

At The Law Office of Massey McClusky Fuchs & Ballenger, our lawyers investigate all possible legal remedies to a criminal conviction, including post-conviction relief. With more than 60 years of combined legal experience, we know what it takes to secure a favorable resolution. Our attorneys collaborate to ensure that we consider all possible strategies that could be effective for your case.

Differences Between Appeals And Post-Conviction Relief

An appeal is typically the first action you may take if you were convicted. The appeal is submitted directly to the appellate court. These challenges typically focus on whether there was an error during trial that led to an unjust conviction.

If all your appellate options are exhausted, you can still petition for post-conviction relief. Courts consider several factors when determining whether to award relief, including the effectiveness of your defense counsel, the emergence of new evidence and any changes to the state’s criminal laws.

Conducting A Thorough Review Of Your Case

To successfully petition for post-conviction relief, a thorough analysis of the facts of your case is critical. When you partner with our firm, our team of attorneys will invest the necessary time and resources in your defense by:

  • Analyzing trial transcripts
  • Determining whether a trial or appellate council made errors
  • Reviewing initial discovery
  • Submitting Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests
  • Interviewing potential witnesses

We take all of these measures for every one of our clients, all in an effort to get the best possible outcome.

Don’t Wait To Speak With Our Attorneys

Time is of the essence when applying for post-conviction relief. Outside of narrow exceptions, you must submit the petition to the state appellate court within one year of the final order. Our attorneys will take immediate action to meet all deadlines and will fight to protect your freedom.

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