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A Serious Defense For Serious Charges

When you have been charged with murder, the stakes could not be higher. You could face life in prison, life without parole or possibly the death penalty. When your freedom and life are on the line, it is critical that you hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer to represent you.

At The Law Office of Massey McClusky Fuchs & Ballenger, our lawyers have successfully defended many clients charged with murder including death penalty cases. We provide aggressive representation for clients in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. Our attorneys will handle your case at any stage — whether you have just been charged, are going to trial or are filing an appeal.

Over 60 Years Of Combined Legal Experience

Our lawyers handle a range of murder charges, including:

  • First-degree murder
  • Second-degree murder
  • Voluntary manslaughter
  • Reckless homicide
  • Negligent homicide
  • Vehicular homicide

When you retain our criminal defense attorneys to represent you against a murder charge, we immediately assemble a defense team to handle your case. In addition to experienced lawyers, the team includes an investigator and any relevant experts, such as forensic, DNA, fingerprint, arson and cause of death specialists.

We can then carefully investigate.

  • Blood splatter patterns
  • DNA evidence
  • Relevant fingerprints and footprints
  • Crime scene reconstruction
  • Appropriate medical records
  • Firearm testing, ballistic and trajectory analysis

By consulting with established scientific experts, we are better able to overcome erroneous work performed by inexperienced, overworked or overzealous law enforcement officials.

Once we have all the facts of the case laid out, we will develop your defense. In many instances, we are able to establish an alibi, prove a justified killing (such as self-defense) or convince the jury that the homicide was an accident.

When The Stakes Are High, Count On Us

Murder charges demand experienced and aggressive defense. Contact us online or call us at 901-910-1638 (locally) to arrange a free initial consultation with our legal team. Our office is conveniently located in Memphis near the Austin Peay Highway. Evening, weekend and off-site appointments are available upon request.

A Spanish interpreter is available. We accept credit cards for your convenience.