Undercover Memphis drug bust leads to arrest of 4 men

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When someone in Memphis, Tennessee, is arrested on drug charges, they are no doubt aware that these sorts of accused crimes are taken very seriously by the criminal justice system. Not only do those who are convicted face potential punishments including jail time and heavy fines, considerable damage to one’s reputation and social standing could be done as well.

Just such a situation is now what four men now face after an undercover drug bust in Memphis. According to reports, detectives from the Memphis police force posed as drug dealers from Texas. They were made aware of someone requesting to purchase 5 kilograms of cocaine. The undercover detectives arranged to meet the man who made the request, along with his associates, in a Memphis parking lot.

After money was exchanged — $30,000 according to reports — and the men started to load the drugs into the vehicles they had arrived in, they were arrested. The four men were charged with various drug-related crimes including criminal conspiracy to manufacture, deliver or sell cocaine as well as criminal attempted possession of cocaine. Police say large amounts of cash as well as additional drugs were found in the vehicles, and two of the men had several thousand dollars in cash on their persons as well.

At this point, the men face a difficult legal road ahead of them. As with many cases that receive extensive media attention before a trial, the temptation to convict these men in the court of public opinion will be great. It will be up to them to find a defense attorney who will fight for their rights and give them a fighting chance in their upcoming court case.

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal, “4 arrested in undercover cocaine bust in Memphis,” Scott Carroll, July 29, 2012


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