Argument leads to attempted murder charge

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An argument over an alleged drug deal led to a violent confrontation in the Fox Meadows area of Memphis recently. Now one of the men involved in the altercation has been charged with attempted murder.

The confrontation began when the defendant and the alleged victim were arguing over a marijuana sale in the area of Pickering Drive and Mt. Moriah Road, according to the girlfriend of the alleged victim. At some point the defendant allegedly retrieved a firearm from his car, and shot the victim several times as he attempted to flee. The victim was wounded several times in the arms and legs and had to undergo multiple surgeries. At a police lineup the victim and his girlfriend later identified the defendant as the man who fired the shots.

The accused man faces several serious charges: attempted murder in the second degree; use of a firearm in the commission of a felony; and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Bond has been set at half a million dollars. Charges like this can result in a lengthy prison sentence, especially since they involve the use of a weapon. The shooting victim had not been charged with any drug related offenses at the time of this writing.

In a case like this, involving a shooting arising out of a drug deal, prosecutors will necessarily have to rely on the testimony of people who may have criminal backgrounds themselves. The credibility of these kinds of witnesses can often be attacked by defense counsel – especially if the prosecution witness is testifying against the defendant in exchange for dismissal or reduction of charges against himself. In addition, in these types of cases the defendant will usually have his own version of what happened – and a defense of self-defense may sometimes be available.

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal, “Man charged with attempted murder after 1 shot during Fox Meadows drug deal,” Scott Carroll, Dec. 12, 2012


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