Memphis teenager charged with murder at graduation party

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A Memphis mother and son were featured on the local news not long ago after a large tree was knocked down in a windstorm and landed on their house. While they survived and found a new home, the unfortunate family’s troubles were only beginning. The 18-year old son has recently been charged with first degree murder in connection with a shooting at a graduation party.

The shots were fired into a car parked outside the party. A 15-year-old victim died in the incident. The mother of the defendant points to a known rivalry between gangs in the area where her son attends school and the area where the party was taking place. She blames gang members for the shooting, but says Memphis police somehow landed on her son and another suspect as the perpetrators. The investigation is ongoing.

Accusations of murder are the most serious criminal charges any defendant is likely to ever face. One’s life could quite literally be on the line in Tennessee. Even if a defendant avoids the death penalty, that individual could very well be facing life in prison, perhaps without the possibility of parole.

Homicide charges therefore call for a thoroughly developed defense. Experts for the defense in a case involving a shooting can analyze ballistics, blood spatters and other evidence; they can even reconstruct the crime scene if that can help to clear a defendant or establish self-defense, for example. Prosecutors are humans prone to error, and a criminal defense team can help keep an innocent defendant from being convicted based on faulty evidence.

Source: WMC TV, “Mother defends son charged with murder,” Jason Miles, May 22, 2013


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