Tennessee home of three of the most dangerous neighborhoods

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All cities in America are faced with some type of crime. In small towns, there may be theft or vandalism. In the suburbs there may be theft of more substantial items. Big cities are often the areas that have to deal with recurring violent crimes.

Violent crimes generally include murder, assault, rape and robbery. These crimes are often more common in big cities because they are more densely populated. A recent study conducted by a group called Neighborhood Scout created a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America. Three of the top 25 cities are located in Memphis.

The highest ranked Tennessee location is an area near Gaston Park. Statistics for this area show that the chance of being a victim of a violent crime is one in 12. Coming in at number 21 is an area in West Memphis. At 23, an area near St. Paul Street and Walnut Avenue is listed having a one in 15 chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

The list was created with data from the FBI and Department of Justice. They defined violent crime as armed robbery, forcible rape, murder and aggravated assault.

With the alleged most dangerous neighborhoods in America, many resident will probably find themselves facing charges for a violent crime at some point in their lives. If this occurs, there are many different areas of preparation that can help to fight the charges.

Violent crimes tend to get the most media attention because of their shock value and ability to instill fear. Generally those charged with violent crimes are assumed guilty long before any trial occurs or evidence is presented. That is why it is important to understand the available defenses and what can be done to fight the charges.

No matter the location of the crime a defendant should understand the process they need to go through in their defense. Seeking advice from a professional in the field may help them understand all their options.

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