Tennessee teacher charged with child pornography

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One of the most trusted figures in a young child’s life is their teachers. With every passing year, most Tennessee teachers are responsible for teaching the future of the nation. Countless teachers are respected and well loved by the community, but every now and then, that teacher may be accused of an offense that falls under the sex crimes category. For someone who is in charge of teaching young children, a sex crime can ruin their entire career and reputation. Several teachers across the nation have lost their teaching license due to a sex crime charge.

Recently a former Tennessee teacher of 31 years is now facing several charges of child pornography. The alleged incidents occurred between 2008 and 2012 at the teacher’s own home. Authorities allegedly found child pornography on the male teacher’s home computer. The man was charged with one count of possessing child pornography and five counts of receipt of child pornography.

Once the school officials heard of the charges, they terminated the teacher from his position on the same day. If convicted, the man could face 10 years of prison for the first count and another 20 years for the remaining five counts. Anytime a teacher faces sex crimes, the consequences can be severe. The state of Tennessee places a strong emphasis in the prosecution of a child pornography offense. Individuals accused of child pornography can face prolonged jail time, years of humiliation and termination from their job.

For many offenders, seeking a strong criminal defense is essential. Between being put on the sex offender registry to a ruined career, sex crimes come with detrimental consequences. Any Tennessee resident accused of a sex crime may benefit from a strong defense and a better understand of their rights.

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