Tennessee dentist arrested on multiple charges

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Prescription drug offenses are becoming more common in Tennessee. Using medication that was prescribed to someone else is both a federal and state crime that can result in serious legal consequences, including jail time.

A Bartlett dentist was recently arrested for alleged public intoxication, possessing drugs without a prescription, reckless endangerment and other charges when she was observed behaving unusually in a McDonald’s parking lot. A witness called police when they allegedly observed the accused slurring her words and shaking in her car. The accused admitted taking three drugs, including a prescription drug muscle relaxer that was prescribed by her to her brother-in-law. She was also found to have more drugs allegedly hidden under her bra.

Drug charges, such as the charges facing the Bartlett dentist, can be very serious. Even possessing a small amount of illegal drugs or prescription drugs can result in jail time. The public does not have a high tolerance for drug abusers. Once someone is charged with a drug crime, whether guilty or not, the public has usually already convicted them and thrown away the key. This can be especially damaging for those who have a professional job, such as the Bartlett dentist. Before they are even convicted of a crime they can be let go from their job, damaging their reputation indefinitely. If they are convicted of a drug crime and serve out their sentence and pay all the fines, they can still be shrouded with a bad reputation.

Drug charges, no matter the extent, can be very serious for those accused. The serious consequences can range from large fines to jail time and, even if not convicted of the crime, reputations can be ruined for a lifetime.

Source: The Commercial Appeal, “Bartlett dentist arrested on multiple charges after being found allegedly high in McDonald’s parking lot,” July 2, 2013


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