Thirty arrested in Tennessee drug raid

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Police raids for drugs happen quite frequently in Tennessee and can catch the attention of members of the public, particularly when covered in the media. The operations often have months of investigation and many times lots of people are arrested in the sting maneuver. However, police can make mistakes and innocent people can be charged with serious drug crimes.

Recently 30 people in Morristown were arrested after a yearlong investigation, most of them on prescription drug charges. The Morristown police, along with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, arrested 30 of 40 indicted individuals for drug charges.

The yearlong investigation included officers allegedly finding and buying prescription drugs from the defendants. The defendants were charged with selling prescription drugs. The officers remarked that prescription drugs are now the worst drug because of the amount of people who are hooked on them.

Drug charges bring serious consequences for those convicted. Jail time, fines and damage to personal and public reputation frequently occurs, even if the accused is not convicted. The public does not have tolerance for individuals who distribute drugs, and, therefore, defendants who are not even convicted of drug crimes can face public scrutiny and lose their good reputation.

If a person is charged with a drug crime here in Tennessee, they may find a legal professional skilled in criminal law to be an important ally. Penalties can be stiff for people who are convicted, so it is important to find someone who can ensure the accused person’s side of the story and receives fair treatment by the court.

Source: WATE ABC 6, “Morristown police arrest 30 in massive drug round up,” Alexis Zotos, July 19, 2013.


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