Ex-Titans football player arrested for robbery

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Violent crimes such as robbery are not tolerated in today’s society. A person who is accused of such a crime faces an uphill battle, both in court and in society. Society tends to believe a person is guilty until proven innocent of violent crimes. For those who have been accused of a violent crime and have a professional reputation to uphold, it is important to have their side of the story told.

An ex-Tennessee Titans football player, Keith Bulluck, was arrested this past Sunday morning after a taxi cab driver accused him of robbery. While out on the town in Nashville, Mr. Bulluck allegedly approached the taxi driver inquiring for a ride home. The taxi driver declined, saying he was waiting for another patron.

The driver claims that as he was putting the money away from the man who had hired him, Mr. Bullock reached through the open passenger window and took a $100 bill out of his pile of cash, ripping his shirt in the process. Mr. Bullock claims that it was a misunderstanding about getting money back for a service not provided. The taxi driver reportedly has a history of false accusations. His previous employer claimed he earned the nickname “Pinocchio,” presumably for the number of stories he made up.

When a person is accused of robbery, it can be serious for his reputation and for his career. Robbery convictions can carry penalties such high fines and lengthy terms of incarceration and can create turmoil in the families of the convicted. Sometimes, accusations are made that just aren’t true. A person who is accused of robbery may find that telling his or her side of the story through a strong defense can be crucial to sorting out what really happened and protecting his or her good reputation.

Source: USA Today, “Keith Bulluck, ex-Titans LB, arrested on felony robbery charge,” Brian Wilson, Aug. 25, 2013


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