Memphis car jacking later results in auto accident

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When a person takes another person’s car in a violent manner it is considered a car jacking. A car jacking is a serious crime and if convicted can result in jail time. The public doesn’t have a high tolerance for those accused of violent crimes even if they are not convicted. If a person is accused of a violent crime such as a car jacking, it is important that they know their rights.

Two Memphis men are accused of taking another person’s SUV while the man was at a car wash. The two defendants allegedly struck the victim in the head with a gun and took his SUV. Later that day the two men were spotted by a police officer and after a brief pursuit they allegedly crashed the SUV into a dry cleaners. The force of impact ejected both defendants from the vehicle, landing them in critical condition in a Memphis hospital. Their condition has since been upgraded.

Taking another person’s car in a car jacking can be a federal offense. Car jacking is a serious crime that can carry many years in prison if convicted. A legal professional can help the accused sort out the details of the case against them. Legal professionals can analyze the case that the prosecution has against them and put together witnesses for the defendant, establish alibis, reconstruct the crime scene, analyze crime scene evidence with their own experts along with many other strategies.

Because the penalties are so severe for violent crimes it is important for the accused to know their rights and be proactive with their defense.

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