“Molly” bust brings drug charges

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Drug charges in Memphis can be serious. Those who are convicted of drug possession and drug trafficking can face large fines and jail time. Public perception of those who are convicted of drug crimes is negative. Sometimes police make mistakes and people can be wrongly accused of drug crimes. It can be important to have the details regarding the investigation and subsequent arrest to make sure there was nothing illegally done by law enforcement.

Recently there was a large drug bust of the drug “molly,” a stronger version of ecstasy. Police allege that the two defendants were running an Internet business where they were selling the drug online. While working with an informant the narcotics unit learned that the couple wasn’t just dealing the drug locally, but they allegedly had a major national operation. Through a search and seizure of their residence the police seized their computers and read through their emails, reportedly discovering who they were allegedly selling the drugs to. The couple allegedly used post offices in Tennessee and Mississippi to distribute the molly shipments. They were both charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and one was additionally charged with one count of sale of a controlled substance and two charges of distributing a controlled substance.

If a person in Memphis is charged with a drug related offense it is important for them to know their rights. This can help determine how much information the prosecution has against the arrestee and whether there may have been an illegal search and seizure involved. If evidence is found during what is determined to be an illegal search and seizure, that evidence cannot be used in court.

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