Two people in Tipton County arrested in drug search and seizure

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Drug crimes and drug charges in Memphis carry serious consequences for those who are accused. In addition to legal consequences, just being arrested and not even convicted can be detrimental for a person’s reputation. The public may already believe the defendant is guilty even though they don’t know anything about the case. This can be just as damaging as the charge itself.

Recently two people in Tipton County were arrested during a search and seizure at a home in Atoka. The officers allegedly found more than 34 pounds of the synthetic drug “spice.” The men allegedly sold these drugs over the Internet and out of the house of one of the suspects. The drugs have a value of more than $100,000.

Drug possession and distribution charges will be aggressively prosecuted. However, the Constitution protects citizens from illegal searches and seizures of themselves and their property. It also prohibits law enforcement from making unlawful arrests. There are many different facets of a lawful arrest, search and seizure that need to be followed. One example is that absent a valid search warrant or special circumstances, police are prohibited from searching an individual’s home. When evidence is obtained during an illegal search and seizure of a home, that evidence may not be used against the homeowner in a criminal case.

Those facing drug charges should make sure they understand their legal rights. A legal professional skilled in criminal law can help sort out the details of a case against someone charged with a drug offense to determine if an illegal search and seizure has occurred.

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