Man allegedly robbed in Shelby County

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Violent crimes such as robbery are often a shock to members of the public here in the Memphis area. No one wants his or her possessions stolen and when they are stolen, and everyone wants whomever did it to be punished. For this reason alone, the stakes can be high for those accused of these types of violent crimes. If convicted, they can face penalties such as long prison sentences and fines, along with loss of their good reputations in the community.

For example, while a man in Shelby County was helping two people move a stalled car into a parking lot, those two men allegedly took this helping man’s wallet, pants, shoes and cell phone. One of the two men who was involved in the alleged robbery was apparently caught on surveillance tape and the Shelby County Sheriff’s office is investigating. The man who helped push the alleged robbers’ car is being considered a Good Samaritan by local media.

When a person is accused of a violent crime such as robbery, there are many obstacles in their way for a fair and just legal proceeding. The public, including the media, may have already convicted them of the crime that they may not have actually committed. Thankfully, the court cannot find someone guilty until those accused receive a fair trial and have the opportunity to provide a staunch defense against the prosecution’s allegation.

There may also be many extenuating circumstances surrounding the crime that should be investigated such as the crime scene, witnesses, accomplices, search and seizure circumstances, etc. If a fair trial is to be held, then it is critical that the defendant has been able to tell his side of the story.

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