Memphis sex offenders on alert for Halloween

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Halloween is a major holiday for thousands of children and their families in Memphis. Due to the number of people that kids encounter on Halloween, the Tennessee Department of Corrections has put forth limitations on offenders who have been convicted of sex crimes.

Local residents who are on the sex offender registry have several restrictions facing them this Halloween season. Between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., for example, they must remain inside their home, keep their porch light off, not open doors for trick-or-treaters, open doors only for law enforcement personnel and not display any fall decorations, dress in costume or wear a disguise. Authorities are warning that any sex offenders who are caught breaking these rules can face charges. Law enforcement will also be making random visits to make sure these rules are being followed.

When a person is convicted of a sex crime in Tennessee, many times he or she is placed on the sex offender registry. This listing can be severely detrimental to a person, his or her family and the convicted offender’s future. It is not unusual to suffer permanent damage to reputation, which can never be turned around in many communities. Not being able to participate in festive activities, like Halloween, is just one example of the restrictions sex offenders face nowadays.

For those who are facing sex crime charges, a legal professional skilled in criminal law can help defendants tell their side of the story and defend their legal rights. Since defendants only get one chance to defend themselves, it is important to work as hard as possible to make that chance an effective one.

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