Search is on for man suspected of shooting siblings

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Understandably, Memphis residents do not tolerate violent crimes like shootings. Our society does not condone violent behavior and people generally believe that those who commit such crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Because of the public’s perception and law enforcement’s view of criminal activity defendants charged with violent crimes, like assault need to be aware of the severe penalties that can result if they are convicted.

There is currently a search on in Memphis for a man who is suspected of shooting two siblings. On Oct. 7 police were called to a residence because of a suspected intruder. When the police arrived they found a male and a female with gunshot wounds. They were transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

During the investigation of the crime police came to the belief that there was an altercation between the siblings and the suspect. The suspect then allegedly shot the victims and fled the scene. An arrest warrant was issued for the suspect for Criminal Attempt to wit Second Degree Murder (DV) and Criminal Attempt to wit Second Degree Murder.

If a person is accused of a violent crime, it may feel like everyone is fighting against him or her. Once a defendant’s name hits the media it can be an instant public conviction regardless of whether that person is guilty or not. An attorney skilled in criminal law can help a suspect with a defense. An attorney can investigate the crime and use expert witnesses to determine what really happened. This information can be used to help the person accused to reduce or eliminate the charges against. Because violent crimes often carry long prison sentences and high fines, defendants should do whatever it takes to lessen or eliminate the charges against them.

Source: Local Memphis, “Police search for man responsible for shooting siblings,” Oct. 14, 2013


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