Silent robber allegedly strikes at bank inside Cordova Kroger

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Residents of Memphis know that crimes such as robbery tend not to be tolerated by society. A criminal conviction can mean a long prison sentence as well as permanent damage to a convicted offender’s reputation.

A SunTrust bank inside a Cordova Kroger was recently robbed. Earlier this month, a man wearing sunglasses and a sports coat allegedly went up to a bank teller and demanded money. He may also have implied that he had a weapon. The suspect was seen leaving in a black Lexus and may be connected to at least two other robberies in the Memphis area in recent weeks. The Cordova incident went down so quietly that most customers didn’t know it had even happened until they went outside and saw the police cars outside the store.

A person who is arrested for a violent crime such as robbery may feel like the whole world is against them. The public has little tolerance for crimes that include a threat of violence, and tends to believe suspects are guilty before they are even convicted. Since the penalties for these crimes are so severe, with high fines and long prison sentences, it can be important for a defendant to tell his side of the story. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense can help a defendant sort out the circumstances surrounding the crime and do an independent investigation. This can help establish a well-planned defense strategy with witnesses, experts, crime scene reconstruction and other resources.

A person who is charged with a violent crime often gets one opportunity to defend himself. Making sure that he knows his legal rights is an important component in telling his side of the story.

Source: WMCTV, “Bank robbery so quiet shoppers didn’t notice,” Jason Miles, Nov. 4, 2013


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