Investigators on the lookout after recent Memphis shooting

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Memphis residents believe peace is important in their communities. Some also believe that the way to forging peace is through harsh sentences for those convicted of violent crimes. When violent crimes such as murder occur, those who are charged with these crimes can face long prison sentences that can stretch for decades.

One recent Sunday morning, a man was killed outside a nightclub after celebrating his birthday and a second victim was critically injured. While outside of the Club Infinity off of North Watkins Street, the two men were shot. One man was killed and the other person was taken to a local hospital with critical injuries. Two other people who were on the scene were not injured. Investigators are still looking into the crime and there are currently no suspects. The police are asking for the public to contact them with any information regarding this crime.

Memphis residents who are accused of violent crimes such as murder can face an uphill court battle. The court of public opinion convicts those accused of murder immediately after learning their name, regardless of whether they are convicted or not. Due to society’s lack of tolerance for violent crime a person’s professional and personal reputation can be ruined just by being accused. A defendant may find that a legal professional skilled in criminal law can help the accused tell his or her side of the story. They can do an independent investigation into what happened including forensic evaluations and consultation with experts. A strong defense is key in fighting the charges that can prove life-altering for defendants.

Violent crimes such as murder are not tolerated in Memphis. Those who are accused face a challenging legal battle and need to be prepared to assert their rights thoroughly and confidently.

Source: WMCTV, “Man killed in nightclub shooting morning after his birthday,” Michael Addison, Dec. 1, 2013


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