Elderly woman attacked and car stolen

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People in Memphis have many reasons to believe their city is safe. However, when crimes such as robbery happen to unsuspecting people, the results can be devastating. When violent crimes happen to the elderly, the public believes they are even more heinous.

An elderly woman in Mississippi appears to have been attacked in her home and her car is now missing. On New Year’s Eve, the 86-year-old woman looked in the mirror and discovered that she had a black eye, bruises and scratches on her body. She called a close friend for help. When he arrived at her residence, he found that there was blood everywhere in her house and her car was missing. The elderly woman does not remember what happened. Police are still trying to figure out what occurred and are asking the public for any help.

Memphis residents have a low tolerance for crimes against vulnerable people, such as the young and elderly. These crimes are aggressively prosecuted and can carry long prison sentences. Those who are accused of such crimes face an uphill court battle and must aggressively defend themselves.

In cases such as this, it is necessary for the defense to sort out the details of their case and determine what needs to be done to tell the defendant’s side of the story. This may be done by consulting with forensic experts, establishing an alibi, testing firearms, as well as a host of other things. Violent crimes receive an incredible amount of attention in the media and those who are accused of such crimes may feel that they are judged unfairly in society. In fact, the public tends to judge those accused of a crime before they are even convicted.

Source: WMCTV, “Attack leaves elderly woman with black eye, missing car,” Michael Clark, Jan. 2, 2014


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