Woman claims she was raped while taking out trash

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Here in Memphis, residents generally enjoy a safe, high quality life. So when allegations of sex crimes arise in an otherwise quiet neighborhood, community members and law enforcement go into high alert mode. Particularly when a suspect is still at large, there is a strong drive for officials to get someone — sometimes, anyone — behind bars and announce to the public that they are safe once again and can go about their lives.

Recently, a woman was taking out her trash in the High Point Terrace neighborhood at around 4:30 in the afternoon when she was allegedly raped. Neighbors claim a man had been hanging around nearby on a bicycle. The woman claims that the man grabbed her and forced her back into her house, where he raped her. While no suspects are in custody at the moment, media reports have focused on neighbors’ shocked reactions and changes to their daily routines in the wake of the allegations.

Whenever allegations of such a shocking nature are made, local law enforcement will increase scrutiny of any individuals or activities they deem suspicious. And those accused of sex crimes in Memphis face not only aggressive prosecution, but the threat that their personal and professional reputation will be ruined, regardless of whether or not they are eventually convicted.

A person who is accused of a sex crime such as rape may find it helpful to consult with an attorney skilled in criminal law to help defend their legal rights. Many times those accused of sex crimes may find themselves guilty in the court of public opinion before they even have their day in court and will need to launch an aggressive defense.

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