Criminal defense: missing baby’s mom charged with murder

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Violent crimes in Memphis receive lots of media attention. For those who are accused and convicted of such crimes, a criminal record can bring long-term consequences.

A Memphis mother is facing this situation now as she has been charged with the murder of her seven week old baby. The mother reported her baby missing in January after leaving the baby with her toddler. The mother then called the baby’s father, and the baby’s father reported the baby missing. The mother then left the toddler alone, while she went to several locations around Memphis.

Police searched for the baby for three days, but did not locate it. Last week the baby was found in Millington on the side of the road by a motorcyclist. An autopsy is being planned to determine the cause of death of the infant. She now faces two charges of first degree murder.

When a person is charged with such a serious crime as murder, it can be scary and confusing for the defendant. It may seem like the entire world is against them, especially with the media attention that these situations garner. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense can help these defendants tell their side of the story. They can collect evidence, gather witnesses and experts, and form an aggressive defense for their client. Crimes, such as murder, are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, so having an aggressive defense is critical. A defendant only gets one chance to tell his side of the story and to hear the words not guilty.

Memphis residents and their government have a low tolerance of violent crimes. A criminal defense needs to be strong in order to lessen the long-term consequences of a conviction. Defendants have the right to an attorney and to tell their side of the story.

Source: KTVN, “Mother of missing Memphis baby charged with murder,” Feb. 17, 2014


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