Man attempts to kidnap teenager at Memphis Olive Garden

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Kidnapping crimes in Memphis are rare, but to their victims, they can be quite scary. But sometimes accusations of kidnapping occur and reputations can be ruined just by being accused of such a serious crime.

A man has been arrested after allegedly attempting to kidnap his teenage coworker at a Memphis area Olive Garden over the weekend. When the teenager arrived at work on Sunday, the defendant allegedly came up behind her while she was entering the building, put his hand over her mouth and tried to drag her to his car. She was able to break away from him, ran away and called her mom. When the police arrived, they found the suspect sitting in his car in the Olive Garden parking lot. He told police that he has been planning to kidnap the teenager and take her to his house to have sex with her. He also said he had been planning the kidnapping for six months.

A person who is accused of such a serious crime as kidnapping can feel scared and helpless with the legal system. The media tends to blow the situation out of proportion, making the suspect look like a horrible person. An individual’s personal and professional reputation can be ruined by a criminal conviction. Consulting with a legal professional skilled in criminal law can help a suspect tell his side of the story. Crimes such as kidnapping are aggressively prosecuted, so defendants need to pursue a strong defensive strategy. A defendant typically only gets one chance to hear the words “not guilty”, so thoroughly preparing his or her side of the story is important.

A person who is accused of kidnapping can face intense public scrutiny for the alleged crime. Assembling a legal team who can put together a strong defense can be critical in fighting the charges.

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