Two professionals face charges of having sex with underage women

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It is common to associate serious crimes with harsh penalties and repercussions Individuals that commit sex crimes in Memphis face an uphill battle in court. Sex crimes face aggressive prosecution from authorities along with high fines and long jail sentences. Residents who find themselves accused of such crimes might be confused about what they need to do to refute the accusations against them.

Two professionals have been accused of having sex with teen girls recently in Shelby County. One of the accused is a teacher and assistant baseball coach at Bolton High School. The girl has accused the teacher of having sex with her at his residence and in the classroom.

The teacher’s roommate, a Memphis firefighter, has also been accused of having sex with a teenage girl. Both the teacher and the firefighter were arrested and have since posted bond. They also have been placed on leave at their jobs pending the outcome of the investigation. The teacher faces up to six years in prison and the firefighter faces up to four years in prison. Furthermore, both could endure permanent damage to reputation and being listed on the sex offender registry.

Sex crime charges in Memphis could bring severe hardships to those who face these accusations. Regardless of whether they’re found guilty or not, the public convicts those accused far before any court does. For those who have built up their professional reputation, such as the teacher and firefighter in the referenced article, the permanent damage to their reputation could be devastating.

If a defendant is convicted and listed on the sex offender registry, they will never be able to get their old jobs back. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense can help those accused fight hard against sex crime allegations. They understand how important it is to aggressively defend the accused because of how much they have to lose if they are convicted.

Memphis residents who find themselves accused of a sex crime need to be able to tell their side of the story. Allegations are very serious and a strong defense is necessary. Those unsure of their next steps should seek guidance to help them take an appropriate course of action.

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