Memphis police searching for murder suspects

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Criminal activity in Memphis happens every day. The defendants who are involved in violent crimes usually get caught by the police. Murder, being the most serious crime, is often heavily prosecuted and those who are convicted can face a lifetime in jail or even the death penalty.

A man who was trying to sell his Ford Mustang was fatally shot last Sunday night. At the intersection of Westchester Drive and Forest Hills Drive, the car owner was showing the car to several men. The men shot the car owner several times according to police. They then drove off at a high rate of speed. A Memphis police officer spotted the Mustang at around 9:30 a.m. on Monday. The officer attempted to pull the car over but a suspect fled on foot. At this time the suspect or suspects in the murder and carjacking have yet to be found and Memphis police are asking the public to help if they have any information.

When a person faces accusations of a serious crime such as murder they can feel overwhelmed and maybe even scared. It may feel like the entire world is against them. The public and the police do not tolerate those who commit violent crimes and they aggressively prosecute anyone who is accused of such an act. A legal professional skilled in criminal law can help defendants build their defense, establish an alibi if necessary, and bring in expert witnesses-whatever it takes to make sure their side of the story is being told. A defendant only gets one chance to hear the words not guilty, so adequately preparing for that moment is critical.

Memphis residents who find themselves accused of a serious crime such as murder know that these accusations are very serious and they could face some tough penalties. The sooner a defendant puts together a defense team for this case the better.

Source: WMCTV, “Police find car stolen during fatal shooting, searching for suspects,” Karen Bray, Mar. 10, 2014


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