Suspect being sought in alleged Memphis sexual assaults

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Sex offense crimes in Memphis can be emotionally-charged events. The mere allegation of such a crime can be devastating for a defendant’s personal and professional reputation. A sexual assault charge is aggressively prosecuted and those who are accused need to have a strong legal defense.

Memphis police are reporting that three sexual assault that recently took place at two different apartment buildings may be related. Three females at the Highland Hills Apartments and the Crossings at Fox Meadows Apartments were attacked in their apartments on three separate occasions. The suspect sexually assaulted two of the victims. Police are searching for a black man with a tattoo on his right hand. He was allegedly armed during the attacks.

When a person is charged with a sex offense, he or she can feel overwhelmed and not know what to do. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense can help a suspect fight the charges against him or her. A sexual assault conviction can ruin a person’s professional and personal reputation, as well as result in a lengthy prison sentence. These crimes are not tolerated by Memphis society. An attorney can help his or her client conduct an independent investigation surrounding the alleged crime, use forensic investigation techniques, and arrange for the administration of lie detector tests in order to negotiate with prosecutors.

Persons who are charged with a sex crime in Memphis may face an uphill battle in court. These crimes are taken very seriously by the prosecution. It is important for defendants to make sure that their side of the story is being told.

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