5 women arrested in Memphis for suspected prostitution

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Sex crimes such as prostitution are rarely tolerated in today’s society. Police often make arrests for those suspected of engaging in prostitution. A conviction can bring a prison sentence along with a ruined personal and professional reputation.

Authorities in Memphis conducted a sting operation this past Friday night which landed 5 women suspected of prostitution in jail. The women were approached by an undercover officer and allegedly offered sex to the officer for as little as $15. The women whose ages range from 26 to 52 were charged with prostitution near a church or school.

When someone is charged with prostitution they can feel like everyone is against them. Aggressive prosecution can be hard to tackle and the public demands that crimes such as prostitution are fully prosecuted. A legal professional skilled in criminal law can help a person confront these accusations. The attorney can help the defendant tell their side of the story, negotiate with the prosecution and prepare an aggressive defence. If a person is convicted of the crime they can face a long prison sentence along with a reputation that can be permanently ruined in their community and professional life so it is important to take these charges seriously.

When someone is accused of a sex crime in Memphis such as prostitution it can be hard to feel like they’re facing a fair fight. Prosecutors, the public, and police have little tolerance for such crimes but the accused should keep in mind they are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, regardless of what the media says.

Source: WMCTV.com, “Several women off Memphis streets after prostitution sweep,” April 5, 2014


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