Woman allegedly abducted and forced to prostitute herself

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According to sources Memphis is ranked in the top 5 cities for sex trafficking. Clearly Memphis residents are not pleased with that statistic and those who are charged with sex crimes face an aggressive prosecution and those who are convicted can face long prison sentences.

This past weekend a woman was allegedly kidnapped from her hotel room. The two men who kidnapped her brought her to a place where she was allegedly forced to have sex with three men. The men who kidnapped her allegedly said that she was going to start making money. The woman was allegedly able to get away and immediately went to Memphis police. Memphis police captured the alleged suspects and they have been charged with trafficking for commercial sex act.

When a defendant finds himself charged with a sex crime he may feel very alone and afraid. It probably feels like the whole world is against them because of the intense media scrutiny and the aggressive law enforcement and prosecution. Those who are accused of such crimes can face an uphill battle in court. The mere accusation of such a crime can lead to a ruined personal and professional reputation. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense can help these defendants tell their side of the story. The prosecution has their evidence and it’s important for defendants to do what it takes to make sure their voice is being heard. A criminal defense attorney can help to reach an efficient resolution while using lie detector tests, forensic experts, etc.

A defendant only gets one chance in court. The public will do what it takes to make sure that sex crimes are aggressively prosecuted and heavily punished. These allegations can cause devastating consequences for defendants. Defendants should keep in mind that they are innocent until proven guilty.

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