Robbery and home invasion in Hickory Hill

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Persons who commit crimes such as robbery in Memphis can face penalties that are strict and severe. Besides prison time and fines, those who are convicted can face a lifelong loss of a good reputation. The public does not tolerate these crimes and the mere accusation of such can harm a person’s reputation.

Neighbors in the Memphis community of Hickory Hill are concerned about a recent home invasion. Close to the intersection of East Shelby Drive and Kirby Parkway a residence was broken into around midnight earlier this month. Four suspects forced their way into the house and attempted to rob it. The family who lived there escaped upstairs and barricaded themselves into a bedroom, from where they called police. When police arrived they observed three suspects running from the house. Two of the supposed suspects were taken into custody and the third is being sought. Neighbors are concerned about safety in their neighborhood and hope that the Memphis police will continue to patrol their neighborhood.

When a person is accused of a violent crime such as robbery they can feel overwhelmed by the judicial process. The mere accusation of a crime can ruin a person’s reputation. In addition to this, the media does not paint a pretty picture of them, thus affecting their reputation even more. A legal professional skilled in criminal law can help a defendant tell his side of the story. They can investigate the situation surrounding the incident and bring in their own expert witnesses. They can do everything it takes to maintain a person’s good reputation and make sure they are treated fairly in the court system.

A person who is accused of a violent crime such as robbery can face an uphill court battle. They can also feel like the whole world is against them. Having a strong defense can help to reduce or eliminate the charges.

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