Two separate shootings in Memphis injure multiple people

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Mother’s Day is a holiday where most Americans celebrate their mother and all that she has done for them. Unfortunately this past Sunday, Mother’s Day turned violent in Memphis with at least ten people shot. Those who are charged with serious crimes such as assault need to have a strong criminal defense to defend themselves in court.

The shootings took place at two separate locations in North Memphis, Hyde Park and Midtown. At the Midtown location a person shot three people at a party hall. The suspect turned himself in right after the shooting and has been charged with four counts of aggravated assault. At the Hyde Park shooting men were described as coming out of the bushes with what looked to be assault rifles and shooting at other men outside of the 108 Club. Seven people were shot and one is in critical condition. Police have made no arrests in that shooting.

With all of this violent activity in Memphis the public can get really upset with the supposed lack of police presence and gang activity. For those who are facing charges such as assault charges, they may feel like everyone is against them. In reality, the public and the media portray anyone who is even associated in any way to the crime as a real threat to society. The mere accusation can ruin a person’s personal and professional reputation. In order to tell their side of the story, defendants may find consulting with a legal professional skilled in criminal law to be beneficial. These attorneys can help their clients by conducting their own investigation into the crime, bringing in expert witnesses and forensic analysts and tirelessly working to avoid a criminal conviction for their client.

Memphis residents do not tolerate violent crimes and are quick to convict a person at the mere mention of their name. Defendants often face an uphill battle to recover their reputation and often need the help of a legal professional to help them tell their side of the story.

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