Woman allegedly raped in wooded Memphis area

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Crimes such as rape are stigmatized in Memphis. These crimes can cause the public to automatically assume a person is guilty even if he hasn’t been convicted. A person who is accused of such a crime can face a hard court battle because of an aggressive prosecution.

On an early Saturday morning, a woman in Memphis claims that she was attacked and sexually assaulted in an empty lot near Olive Street and Willie Mitchell. The woman claims her attacker shoved a stick down her throat, leaving her with injuries that caused her to spend several days in the hospital. A man believed to be the suspect was seen in the area, but escaped when police arrived. A sketch has now been released to the public to help identify him.

A sexual assault accusation such as rape can be emotionally charged. If a person is even mentioned as having been involved in sexual misconduct his personal and professional reputation can be ruined. A sexual assault conviction is extremely serious and can lead to prison time and a lifetime on the sex offender registry. For those who are facing a sexual assault charge, consulting with a legal professional skilled in criminal defense can be helpful. These attorneys can conduct an independent investigation into what really happened, and discretely work to reach an efficient resolution. Forensic experts can also be called in to examine evidence.

An accusation of rape can ruin a person’s life forever. A strong defense is important in making sure that a defendant gets the chance to tell his side of the story.

Source: WMCTV, “Composite sketch released of suspect who attacked, left woman ‘unable to speak’,” May 23, 2014


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