Alleged rape in East Memphis

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Memphis residents are just as fearful of having a crime committed against them as they are being accused of a serious crime. Arguably, one of the worst crimes that could be committed and being suspected of is rape. The sexual assault of a person can bring out very deep and angry emotions. The mere allegation of this crime could ruin the accused’s personal and professional reputation, which is why proper investigation and evidence uncovering should be conducted.

Recently, a woman in East Memphis was allegedly raped by a person she just met. After her shift was over at a local restaurant, the woman had drinks and went back to the man’s home. It was there that the woman said he allegedly handcuffed, raped her and threatened her with a bat. While the man was sleeping she ran out of the house seeking the help of neighbors. Following this report of sexual assault, the man’s face was put up all over the neighborhood on fliers asking the public for help locating him. This resulted in his arrest and being charged with aggravated rape and aggravated kidnapping.

Charges such as rape could bring serious consequences if a person is convicted. Making a criminal defense would make sure all sides of the story are heard. An aggressive prosecution can make it hard for a person to defend oneself, so seeking guidance and assistance could be extremely beneficial. Because of the serious penalties of a sex crime conviction, such as prison, a strong defense is important.

In order to initiate a successful defense strategy, the defendant should conduct an independent investigation into the charges. Furthermore, a polygraph test could be utilized. Lastly, they could negotiate with the prosecution to bring the best possible outcome for their client. This could result in a plea bargain that could ultimately reduce or drop some or all of the charges against them.

When a defendant faces a serious crime, there are many decisions to make, such as their defense plan. Reputations could be ruined by just an allegation of a crime, so it is crucial to take action against any charges. Becoming more knowledgeable about the situation and what defense options are available to them will not only help their defense but will also ensure their rights are protected.

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