Multiple people shot in Memphis Saturday night

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Violent crimes such as assault occur frequently in Memphis. Residents of Memphis don’t tolerate these crimes, as they typically create a blight on the neighborhood and injure innocent people. A criminal conviction for a violent crime can bring a long prison sentence and a tarnished reputation.

This past Saturday night, three people, including one child, were shot in a Memphis neighborhood. According to sources, the three victims were at a party when someone allegedly started shooting. An eight-year-old boy and two others were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. All three victims are expected to survive. An investigation is ongoing into the incident.

Violent crimes frequently carry severe penalties for those who are convicted. When crimes include the use of a weapon, the defendant can face a tough court battle. A legal professional skilled in criminal law can help his or her clients tell their side of the story. They can bring in expert witnesses, collect and analyze evidence and negotiate with prosecutors in order to bring about the best outcome for their client. A criminal conviction can cause a defendant to serve years in prison, along with a ruined professional and personal reputation. It is important to not leave these matters to chance because of the penalties that a conviction can bring to a defendant.

Residents of Memphis, along with police and prosecutors, have no tolerance for violent gun crimes. Many innocent people have had their lives turned upside down by gun injuries. Defendants of such crimes need to make sure their voices are heard throughout the proceedings and that they are receiving a fair trial.

Source: WMCA Action News 5, “Three people, including one child, shot on McMillen Street,” May 31, 2014


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