Former Memphis CEO charged with rape

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Sex crimes accusations are always taken seriously and aggressively prosecuted. Those who are accused of these crimes, such as rape, can face an aggressive prosecution and an incredible damage to reputation, both personally and professionally.

A former CEO of a Memphis IT company has recently found himself charged with multiple crimes, including rape. The man was arrested last Monday on drug charges. While his estate was being raided, police allegedly found dozens of guns and prescription pills. This past Wednesday, the former CEO was also charged with rape after a woman said she sought domestic help employment at his house. She told police that he allegedly gave her an orange drink that put her in a mentally altered state. He allegedly proceeded to rape her over a period of three hours. Another employee of the man returned the woman to the hotel where she was staying and her family took her to the hospital.

The former CEO has been charged with selling controlled substances, weapons charges, and aggravated rape. The CEO is well-known throughout the community for his charity work and neighbors were stunned to hear of his arrest.

The mere accusation of a sex crime such can ruin a person’s reputation forever. Even if a defendant is never found guilty, the public perception may always be skewed. The accused need to be able to tell their side of the story and a criminal defense attorney can help the defendant through the legal process. A strong defense team can conduct an independent investigation of the charges, including administering a polygraph test, which can help result in a plea bargain to reduce or drop the criminal charges.

When facing charges of a serious crime, a defendant has to make a number of critical decisions. Putting together a strong legal defense team can help assure that all avenues have been explored and the best defensive strategies have been used.

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