Three accused of forcing woman off road and robbing her

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Driving in Memphis comes with the usual obstacles and hazards, such as distracted drivers, speeders and road construction. But, drivers usually do not encounter people trying to run them off the road. Recently, a robbery occurred in Memphis after a woman was allegedly forced off the road while driving.

Three people have been arrested for allegedly running the woman off the road and then robbing the woman and her passengers of their possessions. The alleged robbery reportedly occurred when a woman used her vehicle to get the victim’s vehicle to pull over. Someone then knocked out the victim’s car windows and robbed the people in the car. The alleged defendants made off with around $300 and cell phones. The three arrestees have been charged with aggravated robbery and marijuana possession, among other charges.

Accusations of crimes such as robbery can be serious for defendants. These crimes can result in penalties that can include a long prison sentence. Defendants need to be able to tell their side of the story. The right approach can include an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the robbery, interviewing witnesses and scrutinizing police proceedings. The right approach can build a case to support the defendant’s view of the events in order to get the results a defendant needs.

Aggravated robbery charges in Memphis are very serious. These charges can lead to fines, prison sentences and tarnished personal and professional reputations. It is important for defendants to be able to tell their side of the story in order to protect their freedoms.

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