19-year-old charged with rape

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Memphis residents have little tolerance for sex crimes such as rape. These crimes are usually very emotional and even a mere allegation can ruin a person’s professional and personal reputation.

A 19-year-old man was charged with aggravated rape from an incident that occurred last Saturday night. According to the victim, she was playing beer pong with the suspect at his home on Loeb Street near the U of M campus. She was drinking, but allegedly did not know what was in her drinks. She said she passed out at the suspect’s home and woke up to the defendant allegedly raping her.

For those who have been accused of such an emotionally-charged crime such as rape, it can feel like the whole world is against them. These crimes are aggressively prosecuted and can lead to a criminal trial and prison. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense can help the accused fight these charges. They can conduct an independent investigation into the charges, which can include a lie detector test and using forensic experts. This investigation can lead to a resolution outside of the courtroom, which can be beneficial for the accused in some cases. It is important for the accused to protect his reputation so that he can avoid losing his job or have it affect any future job opportunity. A sex offense allegation can have devastating consequences.

Personal and professional reputations can be ruined with the mere allegation of a sexual crime. It is important for the accused to have his side of the story heard in order to avoid prison time and maintain his good name.

Source: WMC Action News 5, “19-year-old suspect charged with aggravated rape near U of M,” Aug. 31, 2014


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