Memphis man allegedly dismembers roommate

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Violent crimes in Memphis, like in many large cities, occur frequently. They are often energetically covered by local media. Unfortunately for those who are accused of violent crimes such as murder, the criminal matters can be frightening.

A Memphis man has been arrested after he was accused of allegedly dismembering his roommate. This past Sunday a neighbor called police after allegedly spotting a human head in a trash bag in the backyard of his neighbor. When officers arrived they allegedly found the rest of the body decaying inside of the house. Officers stated they also found various tools they believe may have been used to dismember the body. Neighbors say the man who was murdered recently moved in with the accused. The accused is believed to have schizophrenia and according to neighbors, he had not taken his medication in months. The man was arrested and charged with second degree murder and abuse of a corpse.

When someone has been accused of a serious crime such as murder they can feel scared and alone. An aggressive prosecution can make the defendant feel like the entire world is against him. If convicted of the murder charges, a person can face a long prison sentence and a ruined reputation. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense can help the accused tell his side of the story. They can investigate the circumstances surrounding the event and surrounding the arrest as well. They can analyze forensic evidence and negotiate with the prosecution to avoid the courtroom.

Those accused of murder can quickly receive a ruined person and professional reputation, as well as face a prison sentence or even the death sentence. It is important that everyone gets the opportunity to tell their side of the story in order to avoid a wrongful conviction.

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