Orange Mound woman allegedly beats son and chases granddaughter

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Residents of Memphis have little tolerance for violent crimes such as assault. Although crime is common in Memphis, those charged with violent crimes can be aggressively prosecuted by the police. Those who are accused and convicted of an assault can face a lengthy prison sentence.

An Orange Mound grandmother was arrested for assault after allegedly beating her son with a baseball bat and chasing her granddaughter with the bat. Her son says that he stopped by her house looking for money that she owed him. Instead of giving him the money, the grandma allegedly swore at her son and hit him in the ribs with a bat. The man’s daughter ran away and it is reported that the grandma chased after her but the little girl didn’t get hit. Security guards saw what happened and called the police. The grandma has been charged with four counts of aggravated assault.

When a person has been charged with assault, they may feel confused and angry. Assault allegations carry a stigma in society and can cause a person’s personal and professional reputation to be ruined. A legal professional skilled in criminal law can help these defendants protect their reputation and avoid lengthy prison sentences. Attorneys can help defendants tell their side of the story so that their views are heard. They can bring in expert testimony and uncover evidence which may help with negotiations with the prosecution.

The legal system can be intimidating for defendants trying to navigate it on their own. Having an attorney on your side can help a person with assault charges maintain their good reputation and avoid a harsh prison sentence.

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