Authorities aggressively seek 19-year-old’s killer

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Memphis residents are used to hearing frequent crime reports about their area. It’s no secret that the Memphis area has quite a bit of crime. The ultimate violent crime is murder. A person who is facing murder charges may feel like everyone is against them. The public and prosecutors have little tolerance for those who commit murder, and those who are convicted can face a long prison sentence.

A 19-year-old girl was recently found near Courtland, Mississippi where she was apparently doused with accelerant and her car was set on fire while she was inside. She was discovered badly burned and sent to Regional Medical Center in Memphis where she later died. Investigators are “leaving no stone unturned” in their investigation into this homicide and are working round-the-clock. They have been reviewing her cell phone records, cameras, and talking to potential witnesses.

In such a heinous murder case, the public and the media may want to blame the first person who comes along. An individual who is accused of a high-profile murder can face an uphill battle. The defendant in such a case needs someone on his or her side to help tell his or her side of the story. A legal professional skilled in criminal law can help these defendants. He or she can conduct an independent investigation into the crime, bring in expert witnesses, and negotiate with the prosecution. A defendant only gets one chance to hear the words “not guilty,” so they need to do whatever it takes to create a strong defense.

A murder conviction can change a person’s life forever. A lifetime in prison or even the death penalty can easily result if the defendant doesn’t have a strong defense. It is therefore important that everyone gets the chance to tell their side of the story and be innocent until proven guilty.

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