Man facing numerous sex crime charges against a minor

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Tennessee residents may be interested to know that police have charged a Memphis man with multiple counts of sexual exploitation. The man is accused of allegedly sexually exploiting a minor numerous times and has been accused of child rape as well.

The 55-year-old Tennessean has been slapped with a bevy of felony counts including one count of sexual exploitation of a minor as well as a single count of aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor. In addition he is also facing a single count of rape of a child coupled with another single count of especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.

According to police investigators a search of the man’s residence allegedly uncovered that the man had over 500 sexually explicit photographs of underage children on his computer. Of the over 500 sexually explicit children’s images that were found nearly half of them were images that allegedly included the man with one of his victims.

So far police investigators have been able to identify at least two children that the man allegedly had sexual relations with. The 55-year-old has been accused of allegedly sexually abusing one of his victims multiple times over 11-year time period, from the time she was six years old until she turned 17. Police became interested in the man after an undercover investigator allegedly traced a sexually explicit online video that depicted a nude minor dancing on a billiards table to the 55-year-old man’s home. All in all the man is facing 225 charges of sexual exploiting a minor, in addition to a single rape charge.

Any criminal charge, particularly felony level charges are a very serious matter. A person’s very freedom hangs in the balance and should not be taken lightly. It can be a confusing time of the person who has been arrested and charged. It is very important to not give into police pressure during this time and thus having a criminal defense attorney by one’s side may be crucial.

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