Tennessee man arrested for alleged assault

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Memphis has its fair share of violent crimes such as assault. Memphis residents do not condone such actions, and these crimes are heavily prosecuted. The media also spends a lot of time covering assaults, and anyone who is mentioned as a suspect can immediately suffer a ruined reputation. In addition, an assault conviction can lead to a prison sentence and fines, as one Tennessee man may now be facing.

A man who was panhandling near I-240 and Perkins was recently assaulted by another man. A video was taken allegedly showing the panhandler being kicked and punched. A social media video of the assault went viral, resulting in the public demanding the arrest of alleged assaulter. Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the suspect who says that the whole story has not been told, and that the panhandler had stolen items from him.

Assault is a crime that is not tolerated in Memphis. Those who are facing assault charges can feel like no one is listening to their side of the story. Everyone may seem to be against them. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense can help an accused individual tell his or her side of the story. They can conduct an independent investigation of the case, bring in expert witnesses, and examine evidence. They can create a well-planned criminal defense, which may include an alibi, self-defense, and other strategies. They can also negotiate with the prosecution to reduce charges, if such negotiations support the defendant’s best interests.

The accused only have one chance to hear the words “not guilty.” It is therefore important that a strong defense is put forth. There are two sides to every story and a competent defense is often necessary to avoid the serious consequences that can occur with an assault conviction.

Source: WMC Action News 5, “Arrest warrant issued for man who brutally assaulted panhandler“, Dec. 21, 2014


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