Woman facing severe penalties after wrong-way I-65 accident

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According to Tennessee law enforcement, a 38-year-old woman was allegedly driving down I-65 the wrong way in Nashville recently and crashed head-on with a Chevrolet Corvette, killing at least one person. Police records allege that the woman admitted to them that she was drinking before the time of the accident; she had consumed half a bottle of Hennessey liquor, she told authorities.


Furthermore, authorities noted that when she was interviewed by police investigators she allegedly stated that she was the one who was struck by a driver traveling in the wrong direction. When she was informed by the police that she was the one traveling against the traffic the woman allegedly appeared to show signs of confusion.

As a result, police have charged the 38-year-old with one count of vehicular homicide by intoxication and one other count of vehicle assault. The woman had been an employee of the Department of Corrections, but following the criminal charges filed against her a spokesperson for the Department of Corrections indicated that she will be terminated. Often times a DUI charge can have unforeseen ramifications beyond losing driving privileges and having to pay exorbitant fees and fines. In some cases, a DUI defendant can lose his or her job or else suffer harm to their professional reputation.

Drunk driving-related charges can have serious and life-altering penalties for the person facing them. Not only can there large fines levied against the person, but one can also potentially face time behind bars. For anyone facing a DUI charge, it is imperative to have a competent criminal defense attorney look out for one’s rights. Especially if a defendant has already spoken to police and volunteered information without an attorney, a Memphis criminal defense attorney can prove invaluable.

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