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Sex crimes in Memphis are offenses that the public does not tolerate. These crimes are viewed as especially heinous, and almost everyone agrees that those who commit these sex crimes should face serious punishment. Unfortunately, this thirst for justice often allows one to be deemed guilty in the court of public opinion before having his or her day in a court of law. However, those accused of such offenses should be well aware of one law that affects convicted sex offenders known as “Megan’s law”.

Megan’s Law was signed by President Clinton in 1996. It came into existence because of a seven-year-old girl who was raped and murdered by a convicted sex offender. The law has two components important for convicted sex offenders. The first is registering as a sex offender. The second component is notifying the community that a sex offender is moving in nearby.

In Tennessee, this means that a person who is convicted of a sex offense is required to register as a sex offender. The registration is collected by local law enforcement agencies and the convicted sex offender must register within 48 hours of being released from prison, moving to Tennessee, being released to or from probation, becoming a student in Tennessee, or having any other physical presence in the state.

Sex offenders may apply to be removed from the list after 10 years. Those who have committed a sexual crime against a child under the age of 12 must remain registered for life. Because of the serious nature of a sex crime charges, those who are facing such allegations may want to speak with a legal professional skilled in criminal defense. A sex crime conviction can completely ruin an individual’s personal and professional reputation and hinder the ability to find a job or good housing.

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